Intersectoral School of Governance Baden-Württemberg

A sustainable energy supply, mobility for the future, health care, affordable housing accommodation, integration for immigrants: our society is currently facing numerous urgent challenges. The government, in its independent role, cannot master them alone, the business or civil society cannot also solely assume this task. These challenges require communication and collaboration on a new level, and project steering which must provide the required skills in order to fulfil this. This relates to a cooperation which transcends these sectoral boundaries - in other words: an intersectoral collaboration effect.

"Governance" in this context therefore means: Steering and controlling future projects in which government, business and civil society combine their usual approach methods.

The state of Baden-Württemberg, together with the Arbeitgeberverband Südwestmetall, Dieter Schwarz Stiftung and Robert Bosch Stiftung as foundation sponsors, will therefore invest 3.5 million Euros until 2023. They have jointly initiated the Intersectoral School of Governance Baden-Württemberg (ISoG BW) as an additional part of the DHBW CAS. This facility will enable professionals and executive staff members from business, government and civil society to learn intersectoral leadership skills in a direct exchange with each other.

Public Discourse

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